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Regardless of the severity of his/her problem, most of the times a person affected by a psychological disorder faces learning difficulties and needs special support throughout his/her training period.

However, a big number of trainers do not have enough experience and skills to deal with behavioural attitudes of people with psychological disorders (source: EUFAMI).

As a consequence, they are not always able to adopt the proper attitudes or to adapt their tools/methods to the needs of these people.

This situation produces a sense of lack of power and a lot of frustration in the trainers; besides, it undermines the success of the training and trainers’ transition to work.

Target groups:

Direct users:Beneficiaries:
  • VET teachers/trainers
  • Head teachers
  • Principals
  • Educational planners
  • Educational directorates
  • Policy makers
  • Students affected by psychological disturbances / disorders
  • Families of those students
  • Society

Start date: 27 December 2018
End date: 26 July 2021

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